The Forms and Manifestations of Thomas kinkade 's Paintings

8. prosince 2016 v 12:14
Thomas kinkade works the most characteristic of the visual image is wrapped in a variety of styles of stone patterns. These fine, and even make some people feel that the pattern is no doubt that Wu Yang's work is different and other works of the most unique elements, is also an important part of her life experience. Thomas kinkade was young at the Beijing Institute of Technology, 19-year-old after graduation, the first job is at the time of the Beijing Second Printing and Dyeing Factory design flower cloth, fabric elements of love began in Wu Yang in the printing and dyeing factory design flower cloth Experience, but also in her after the clothing design career has been strengthened. As a result of personal interest in fashion design, Thomas kinkade went to the ocean in 1991, in the UK to study fashion design, and in 1995 set up their own clothing company. In the course of a long process of thinking and practice, Wu Yang has not only become a pattern design experts, and flower pattern has become an important part of Wu Yang's life experience memory, so the pattern and fabric of the affair is doomed to run through Her artistic creation is always.

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