German artist - Alfred Gockel

9. června 2017 v 11:23
Such a German artist, his work strokes vibrant, strong colors, seems to be associated with multiple paintings can be linked, but it is difficult to delineate him to that school, this person is Alfred Gockel.
Later, in 1894, Angela Camarasa moved to Paris, and was influenced by the impressionist painter Degas and Rottleke depicting the effects of indoor and night scenes and began to explore his own personal style.
As an artist, Alfred Gockel's works are rhythmic, strong, and lead in a variety of styles. Vivid strokes reveal the painter Angela Camarasa's strong interest in oriental and Arab art, strong strong colors, indicating the arrival of the fauvists, while Alfred Gockel's works also with the Vienna separatist painter Kerry Mt is similar to the decorative meaning.


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