Realist landscape pioneer - Albert Bierstadt

12. června 2017 v 11:26
There are two roads in the arts and literature that can make the artist come out. One way is to study the perfect works of other artists, imitate them, choose and reassemble the beauty they create; the other is the perfect source of beauty in the original source of beauty. In the first case, the artist is an imitator, a cannibalist, a compromise, and in the second case, that is, in the art of a matter of course, the artist can take a much wider , He can get a steady stream of research themes and unexplored beauty of the fountain, and because he is the first to find their people, so he can create their own unique style, this new style can bring to the arts New, it never had a feeling of nature. In the first case can produce some familiar works, so they are easy to understand, take care and recognition. And the recognition of the new world created by the artist, it will almost never be able to make it at all; only time will provide a reliable basis for evaluating the correctness of his painstaking pursuit. In fact, only a few people can appreciate the value of the deviant, aware of the signs of genius in the formation, and understand those with ingenuity, great achievements and the resulting novel style mark works. "
Albert Bierstall's views on the history of the landscape are extremely sharp and objective. He admits the artistic value of various styles, and even recognizes the artistic value of the style that is very far away from his own style and is good at discovering the fountain of his own tastes. "The real imitation of the art of nature, the first in the hometown of color in Venice to understand; the scenery in Venice reached a high level and get an independent meaning." On the contrary, in the treatment of styleists on the evaluation, you can listen "We have never been a stylist, and the painting is always understandable to everyone."

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